Speakers for 2017

 Meetings are held from 1-3 pm on the second Tuesday of the month in the

 Meeting Room 1, Maidu Community Center at 1550 Maidu Dr., Roseville, CA



Why not write your own obituary?  Who knows more about your life history than you?

This lighthearted workshop presentation includes tips for writing, publishing and preserving an obituary.  Handouts and forms will be provided.  Bring a pen or pencil for a hands-on writing experience. 


Tue Jul 11 Kathy Marshall FamilySearch.org and FHCs: FamilySearch.org's Historic Records

Collections and Family Tree "To the Wiki!" -- More than just a Wikipedia for Genealogists


Tue Aug 8 Sandra Harris Research in the California Room-using the California Room at 9th & N Downtown Sacramento for researching ancestors. How to find obituaries, maps, city directories to aid in tracing your relatives. Sandra Harris. Using the great resources in the California Room, I have been able to trace many family lines to create family trees that contain facts not known by the questing researchers.


Tue Sep 12   "How to Find Lost Relatives You Never Knew You Had." JGSS president, Victoria Fisch,

There may be unknown branches in your tree! Victoria will talk about seeing the big picture of our immigrant ancestors’ lives, describe global searches that may enable you to add family members to your tree, and explain how these discoveries may allow you to go further back in time. She will use examples culled from her professional experience as a genealogist and share techniques with proven success.


Tue Oct 10  Jim Rader – Do Not take a DNA test You should use DNA like any other type of record to prove your research!  In general when you’re researching your ancestors you are using genealogical tools. Those tools include many different record sets; land records, census records, burial records, and many other types of records. You can now add to that list DNA records, or more specifically DNA tests.


Tue Nov 14 Smörgåsbord of Resources at the California State Archives Linda Johnson, Archivist, Education & Outreach Program, California State Archives, 1020 “O” Street, Sacramento, CA 95814  The Archives has numerous records familiar to every genealogist: census records, land grant records, prison records, and such. This presentation will take a look at some of the lesser known records that can provide nuggets of information to the family historian. These nuggets, like the gold of yore, may be harder to find, but just as valuable!

          Linda Johnson joined the staff at the Archives in 1997 after working as collection manager for Special Collections at Shields Library,  and as an assistant archivist at the Center for Sacramento History.  At the State Archives, she has served as co-lead for the State Records Appraisal Program and as coordinator for the Reference Program. Currently, she is the coordinator for the Education and Outreach Program,

Tue Dec 12  1 pm

The Monthly workshop of the Roseville Genealogical Society. workshop is held from 1-3 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month in The new Community Room at the Downtown Roseville Library located near the Civic Center and Royer Park in Downtown Roseville

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Victoria Fisch and Jeremy G. Frankel (Frankel & Fisch Family Historians) have conducted investigations for the television series “Who Do You Think You Are,” and “Finding Your Roots,” assisted in probate and intestate searches, and historical research for academics and authors. Victoria sits on the board of the Friends of the California Archives, and is trustee of a commission that owns and oversees seven pioneer cemeteries in the California Gold County. She is President of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento, and northern California editor of a quarterly journal about western states history.